French Bulldog

Chubby Puppies are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cuteness you'll fall for! Each Chubby Puppy is unique and waddles and hops in its own adorable way. Customize their legs for even funnier walks and hops! These fumbling, tumbling puppies love to impress with their cute fashion accessories. The French Bulldog comes with a birthday hat to celebrate. It's a cuteness overload! Collect the Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Springer Spaniel and more for a true Chubby Puppies waddle party! Bring home the undeniable cuteness of Chubby Puppies and adopt your French Bulldog for playtime today!

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  • Discover the bumbling, stumbling, fumbling, tumbling puppies you’ll fall for!
  • The French Bulldog comes with a special birthday hat.
  • Collect the Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Springer Spaniel for a Chubby Puppies waddle party!
  • Chubby Puppies are for ages 4+


  • 1 Chubby Puppy
  • 1 Toy
  • 1 "Adopt Them All" Puppy Checklist
  • 1 instruction sheet
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CAUTION: Keep hair away from toy’s legs to prevent entanglement.